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» Finely tailored detail.
Carefully selected fabrics.
Using hand-made processes in traditional factory in Kojima, we presents high standards of quality, comfortable products made with craftsmanship. «

On and On.

Keeping ourselves of being as a challenging factory brand

We have been involved nearly 60 years in production of casual pants including authentic denim pants. In particular, we have spent most of our time to deal wholeheartedly with the creative challenges and ideas, which were desired by those of the eminent designers. ONO+8186 is the brand of Kurashiki, Kojima that includes all our experience and cultivated technology.



Designs that are suitable for adult, casual-up, casual-down

Men’s bottom is the item which determines men’s style. Variations of bottoms indicate tops, shoes, and even place where you go, and whom you go out with. Your style reflects your character. The elder you would become, the wider you would have knowledge and experience, or things and items. You would become more careful as to how you are looked at. Our target is to create pleasing and cool bottoms for those adults through On+Neutral+Off.

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